Dr. Martens – Stylish Boots For Stylish People

Published: 03rd March 2011
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With their distinct suggestion of all things ‘rock’ Dr. Martens have been associated with toughness and strength in the past as well as the odd bout of violence back in their hey day but times have changed and so have the fans of these rock hard leather boots. Not only are they associated with workmen, postmen, factory workers and the like, they also have another life as some of the most stylish footwear we have and are worn by some pretty cool people too.

Avril Lavigne is a fan of Dr. Martens and was recently snapped wearing her 8 eye classic 1460’s with a girlie black dress, looking every inch the rock chick that she is and sporting pink hair to complete the look. Even Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna is a big fan. Lourdes chose to team hers with vampy fishnets and a lace dress and leather biker jacket when accompanying her mother to an evening event. Lourdes, who has her own clothing label, has become increasingly well known for her individuality when it comes to fashion and she knows how to pull off a great look so if she’s wearing DM’s then we feel sure they are cool.

Those who wear DM’s of every style and description know that they can give you a great deal of credibility in terms of trends and style – these tough boots can be made to look feminine when worn with pretty dresses or skirts with opaque tights and a cute jacket, or they can just as easily be turned into the ‘no messing’ boots that mean business when teamed with a great pair of skinny jeans. With the trend at the moment for men being one for boots worn with a pair of jeans casually tucked in, Dr. Martens are perfect for this look because the lace up boots look amazing when left open and work that casual laid back look to the limit.

Style can be for the young and the old. You don’t have to be a teenager to be able to wear DM’s and look bad. There are plenty of older people who still love the safety and style that comes from wearing a great boot like the original 1460 from Dr Martens. What is clear that whoever wears these iconic boots, whenever they wear them and whatever they choose to wear them with, there is always a level of respect that is automatically sent out to the wearer by the person who sees them.

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